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Your Children Come Back to You

Your Children Come Back to You (1979)
16mm, b/w

A single mother ekes out a living from welfare check to welfare check, struggling to provide for her daughter.  She is faced with the decision to look after her personally or to allow her sister-in-law to provide "more than enough" to go around.  Director Alile Sharon Larkin’s film masterfully presents a child’s perspective on wealth and social inequality.

Samuel B. Prime

Available for research at UCLA

New print struck from the original 16mm b/w negative A/B rolls and the original 16mm track negative.

Film Credits

Individual Role(s)
Alile Sharon Larkin Director
Charles Burnett Cinematographer
Angela Burnett Cast
Patricia Bentley King Cast
Simi Nelson Cast
Sabu Zawadi Cast
Nashay Brady Cast