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Angela Burnett


Film Role(s) Year
Killer of Sheep (1977) Killer of Sheep

Charles Burnett’s captivating vision of 1970s Watts reveals a vibrant community living in the dusty lots, cramped houses and concrete jungles of South Los Angeles. The episodic narrative revolves around the emotional pressures faced by a factory worker; moments of humor and despair, mixed with evocative African American music, form a clear-eyed, compassionate portrait.

Cast 1977
Your Children Come Back to You (1979) Your Children Come Back to You

Alile Sharon Larkin's film looks at a mother, a child, a better life on the horizon, and a bond that cannot be broken.

Cast 1979
Bless Their Little Hearts (1984) Bless Their Little Hearts

Billy Woodberry's Bless Their Little Hearts chronicles the devastating effects of underemployment on a family in the same Los Angeles community depicted in Killer of Sheep (1977), and pays witness to the ravages of time in the short years since its predecessor. Nate Hardman and Kaycee Moore deliver gut-wrenching performances as the couple whose family is torn apart by events beyond their control.

Cast 1984