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Fragrance (1991)
Director: Gay Abel-Bey
Digital video, transferred from 3/4" videotape, b/w & color

When George visits his family before heading off to the Vietnam War, he is confronted by the conflicting ideals of his veteran father, who encourages his patriotism, and his militant brother, who urges him to stay home in protest.  The complex issue of whether African Americans should be fighting for justice at home or abroad is registered most poignantly in the youngest son Bobby, a schoolboy torn between the political allegiances of his father and older brothers.

Michele Geary

Available for research at UCLA

Film Credits

Individual Role(s)
Gay Abel-Bey Director
Steven S. Poitras Cinematographer
S. Torriano Berry Editor
Leslie Rainey Cast
Roy Fegan Cast
Raymond Dunmore Cast
Tony Ginn Cast
Fumilayo Cast