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As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below (1973)
Director: Larry Clark
16mm, color

A rediscovered masterpiece, director Larry Clark’s As Above, So Below comprises a powerful political and social critique in its portrayal of Black insurgency.  The film opens in 1945 with a young boy playing in his Chicago neighborhood and then follows the adult Jita-Hadi as a returning Marine with heightened political consciousness.  Like The Spook Who Sat By the Door and Gordon’s War, As Above, So Below imagines a post-Watts rebellion state of siege and an organized Black underground plotting revolution.  With sound excerpts from the 1968 HUAC report "Guerrilla Warfare Advocates in the United States," As Above, So Below is one of the more politically radical films of the L.A. Rebellion.

Allyson Nadia Field

Available for research at UCLA

New print struck from a new 16mm internegative off the original 16mm color reversal A/B rolls, and a new 16mm track negative off the original 16mm magnetic soundtrack mix.

Film Credits

Individual Role(s)
Larry Clark Director
Nathaniel Taylor Cast
Lyvonne Walder Cast
Billy Middleton Cast
Gail Peters Cast
Kodjo Cast