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UCLA Film & Television Archive offers select items for purchase that showcase our work and help support our mission to save and restore our moving image heritage. A portion of each purchase goes directly to the Archive and make further preservation possible.

The Prowler (1951)


L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema  (2016)

Coming out of UCLA, the L.A. Rebellion filmmakers envisioned a new independent cinema, sensitive to the real lives of Black communities.  This DVD set focuses on the many short films produced by the group.

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The Prowler (1951)


A Century of Sound I  (2007)

The History of Sound in Motion Pictures: The Beginning: 1876 - 1932

The first part of former UCLA Preservation Officer Robert Gitt's series is a look at early sound recording technologies, beginning with the telephone and the phonograph, and chronicling the development of motion picture sound recording.

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The Prowler (1951)


A Century of Sound II  (2015)

The History of Sound in Motion Pictures: The Sound of Movies: 1933 - 1975

The second installment constitutes a virtual encyclopedia on sound in motion pictures, illustrated with more than 90 excerpts from films, transferred from the best available 35mm nitrate and safety film elements or high definition video and audio masters.

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The Prowler (1951)


The Prowler  (1951)

Famed director Joseph Losey's long neglected gem -- scripted by legendary blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo -- has been restored to its original bleak splendor by the Archive, the Film Noir Foundation and the Stanford Theatre Foundation.

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The Ultimate Goldbergs


The Ultimate Goldbergs

The Goldbergs spanned four decades on radio and television and is considered the first television sitcom.  The program made writer-producer Gertrude Berg—who also starred as Jewish matron Molly Goldberg—the first woman to win an Emmy Award for acting.

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