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'Another fine mess' you can help restore!

Laurel and Hardy Preservation Fund

It takes a whole community to save our moving image heritage. Join us in preserving Laurel and Hardy for generations to come.

Poverty Row Films
Strange Illusion

North American Tour

On the margins of Hollywood, numerous independent studios churned out genre films that often had an edge not seen in major studio pictures. A selection of preserved films will travel to North American venues throughout 2019.

Liberating Hollywood
Crossing Delancey

Jan 25 - Feb 23

This series showcases the wide variety of narrative films directed by women who began their careers during the 1970s. Working across production cultures—from low-budget exploitation to the Hollywood studio—these women made their mark in one of the most mythologized eras of American cinema.

Ray Manzarek & Jim Morrison
Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison

Preservation Project

Before they formed The Doors, Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison were aspiring filmmakers at UCLA. In honor of the late Ray Manzarek’s 80th birthday, the Archive is turning to cinephiles and The Doors fans everywhere to join us in restoring Ray and Jim’s student films.

Memory, Images, History
Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek

Archival Spaces Blog

Archive Director Jan-Christopher Horak explores moving images, history and more. His latest blog discusses the Archive's crowdfunding campaign to restore the student film projects of Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison.