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Journeys Within and Without: Matías Meyer
Journeys Within and Without: Matías Meyer

Jun 17 & 18

Independent filmmaker Matías Meyer has emerged as one of Mexico’s most fascinating cinematic voices, crafting captivating films that evoke unfamiliar geographies.

In person:  Matías Meyer

'Til Madness Do Us Part  (2013)
'Til Madness Do Us Part

Sun, Jun 5  |  7 p.m.

Filmmaker Wang Bing confirms his standing as one of China’s most revelatory documentarians in this monumental work, which chronicles the lived experience of inmates of an urban asylum.

Free admission!

UCLA Festival of Preservation
The Long Voyage Home

2015 - 2016 Tour

Audiences at select North American venues have the unique opportunity to see newly restored films in 35mm on the big screen.

Labyrinth  (1986)

Sun, Jun 12  |  11 a.m.

A delightfully strange fairytale from Jim Henson, starring Jennifer Connelly and an ethereal, mercurial David Bowie.

Free admission!

Marquee Movies

Jun 3 - 26

An international look at the moviegoing experience, from the freewheeling exhibition of the silent era to the rise of exploitation shockers.