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Letter from the Director

I am honored to serve as the fourth director of the UCLA Film & Television Archive. This opportunity is both a tremendous privilege and a great responsibility. In the coming days and months, I look forward to spending time connecting with staff, stakeholders and partners to amplify the incredible work and collection of this remarkable archive.

The history of moving images, an art form that began over a century ago, has undergone a radical series of transformations since its inception. As technology and our understanding of media have evolved, so have different platforms and types of storytelling unfolded. At the center of these changes is the desire for audiences to be transported—into the lives of others and within themselves.

We are in another moment of transformation, set amid extraordinary times that have awakened many to grave injustices, surfacing reflection and calling upon every one of us to engage deeply with our values and identities.

Moving images offer solace, escape, introspection and space for conversations to spark. As one of the leading moving image archives in the world, it is incumbent upon us to engage mindfully, serving a multitude of perspectives while developing connections with new ones.

Our charge at the UCLA Film & Television Archive is to collect, preserve and connect archival moving images with our local and global audiences through access, research and exhibition. From content producers creatively employing archival moving images to researchers and scholars studying media to members of communities seeking to engage with images from the past, the UCLA Film & Television Archive is here to serve, to lead the field with humility, and to deepen the experiences of every human interacting with our collection. We are the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Welcome.

All my best,

May Hong HaDuong

Director, UCLA Film & Television Archive

Read an interview with HaDuong on the UCLA Library website.

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