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The Reluctant Bachelor (2011); Unwelcome in Tehran (2012); Street Sultans (2012)

Unwelcome in Tehran (2012)
April 22, 2013 - 7:30 pm

The Reluctant Bachelor (Pir Pesar) (2011)

Directed by Mehdi Bagheri

This searching documentary concerns its filmmaker's relationship to the stultifying forces in his family life. Living with his parents, and tracing shared patterns of inertia and hypocrisy, he forms a critique of these systems, and by extension, paints a group portrait of many young Iranian men.

Producer: Katayoon Shahabi. Cinematographer: Mohammad Hadaadi. Editor: Amir Adib Parvar.

Beta SP, color, in Persian with English subtitles, 58 min.

Unwelcome in Tehran (Nakhaandeh Dar Tehran) (2012)

Directed by Mina Keshavarz

Director Mina Keshavarz crafts a portrait of the many young women throughout Iran who, like herself, move to Tehran to begin an independent life. The film interrogates Iranian families' difficulty envisioning an independent life for a single girl.

Producer: Katayoon Shahabi. Cinematographer: Reza Davood Abiat. Editor: Hamila Moayed.

Beta SP, color, in Persian with English subtitles, 52 min.

Street Sultans (2012)

Directed by Zeinab Tadris Tabrizy, Paliz Khoshdel

An invigorating profile of the popular sport of parkour, a by-product of military training, in which participants leap over and off of walls and buildings, sometimes incurring official censure.

Producers: Jamshid Khoshdel, Zeinab Tadris Tabrizy. Cinematographers: Paliz Khoshdel, Faraz Fesharaki. Editors: Zeinab Tadris Tabrizy, Paliz Khoshdel. 

DVCam, color, in Persian with English subtitles, 37 min.