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"Torch commemorating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel"

September 28, 1972


An Israeli student named Rafi arrives at the Los Angeles airport with a torch symbolizing the 25th anniversary of the state of Israel. It is one of 80 torches lit in Jerusalem by the Israeli president; the others have been flown to various U.S. communities. Rafi reads a statement, and meets dignitaries including City Councilman Tom Bradley, County Supervisor Warren M. Dorn, and Israeli Counsel General Ḥazi Karmel. A Jewish Federation Council member declares the official start of Los Angeles' celebration for the 25th anniversary of Israel and mentions the 11 Israelis killed in Munich. Includes footage with ambient sound of Rafi's arrival and people in the airport, as well as silent footage of a plane landing and shots of members of the press.