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"Mayor Tom Bradley holds press conference on damages to property during shootout"

May 21, 1974


On May 17, 1974, SWAT officers with the Los Angeles Police Department were involved in a shootout with six members of the Symbionese Liberation Army in South Los Angeles. Many surrounding buildings were heavily damaged by ammunition, and one home was destroyed by a fire. In response to this incident, residents demanded the city pay for the repairs to damaged homes and cars, and reimburse them for the loss of personal property. Mayor Tom Bradley is joined by City Councilman Robert W. Lindsay and Los Angeles City Attorney Bert Pines for a press conference in which they address plans for the city to compensate residents. Bradley states that the City has no legal obligation to reimburse residents, but that they do have a moral obligation to do so. His recommendations will be going to the City Council, and if they agree with it, money will be set aside for a reimbursement fund. Pines expresses his intention to recommend that the City Council have the city establish procedures for evaluating damages and claims, in order for the city to reimburse residents for losses not covered by insurance. Clip includes silent footage of reporters at the press conference, and ambient sound footage of the damage in South Los Angeles, including the burned out home.