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"Eula Love protests flare up during a meeting of the Los Angeles Police Commission"

April 25, 1979


Eula Love (also known as Eulia Mae Love), was killed by police in January of 1979, and the high profile case generated extensive controversy regarding whether or not the actions of the officers were justified and whether or not her death could have been prevented. In this clip, an unidentified man discusses whether both the DA’s office and the Citizens Police Commission are capable of policing the LAPD. Mayor Tom Bradley talks about whether or not the shooting could have avoided, and requests immediate review of the case. He also believes civic leaders need to learn from this tragedy and look for ways to avoid a similar incident in the future. A second unidentified man, likely a member of the commission, announces that with the conclusion of the DA’s investigation, they will begin hearings to answer questions that have been raised about the incident. Throughout the footage, protesters interrupt the meeting with yelling and chanting. Clip includes shots of Chief of Police Daryl Gates.