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The Pink Cloud + shorts

A woman writing on a window.
March 2, 2024 - 7:30 pm
Q&A with directors Carolina Costa, Mario Furloni, Jorge Camarotti, Lívia Perez, producer Helena Sardinha (Proprio).

Admission is free. No advance reservations. Your seat will be assigned to you when you pick up your ticket at the box office. Seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis. The box office opens one hour before the event.

In this program of shorts from filmmakers in the Brazilian Filmmakers Collective, close attention is paid to the inner thoughts and lives of characters and subjects, exposing the unseen and often unspoken in dynamic and creative ways.


Mexico, 2023

Nuns are being affected by a black hole, a mausoleum is a place of gathering, and ecstasy is much more than just a release. 

DCP, color, 8 min. Director: Carolina Costa. Writer: Carolina Costa.

Who Killed Eloá?

Brazil, 2015

Looking at the widely broadcast crime of 15-year-old Eloá Pimentel, filmmaker Lívia Perez exposes the biased Brazilian media and brings a critical analysis of the spectacle of violence and television’s approach in cases against women. 

DCP, color, 24 min. Director: Lívia Perez.

Best Friends on a Summer Hike

U.S., 2023

Two friends hike amidst a stunning coastal backdrop, conversations are had, things are felt. 

DCP, color, 8 min. Director: Mario Furloni. Writer: Mario Furloni.

I Don’t Say Goodbye, I Say See You Soon

Brazil, 2013

A young boy with a fascination for trucks searches for clues to help him find his father. One day, his father’s truck appears. 

DCP, color, 16 min. Director: Giuliana Monteiro. Writer: Giuliana Monteiro.


Brazil/U.S., 2020

A young man is feeling the pressure and desire to lose his virginity. As he meets up with an older man that he met online, things do not go as expected. 

DCP, color, 14 min. Director: Rafael Thomaseto. Writers: Rachel Ancelevicz, Rafael Thomaseto.


Canada, 2019

A single father is struggling to connect with his mute son after the loss of his mother. 

DCP, color, 16 min. Director: Jorge Camarotti. Writer: Jorge Camarotti.

The Pink Cloud

Brazil, 2020 

Imagine being locked for years indoors due to a mysterious cloud that kills upon contact. While that may sound like COVID lockdowns, The Pink Cloud was made prior to the pandemic, and eerily captures isolated life with disquieting accuracy. In luli Gerbase’s debut feature, two casual acquaintances, Giovana and Yago, are locked together in an apartment after an unexplained life threatening pink cloud circles the globe. As time seems to both stop and fast forward through the film, the couple becomes the focus of this lo-fi sci-fi that examines human nature under strict confinement. 

DCP, color, 105 min. Director: Iuli Gerbase. Writer: Iuli Gerbase. With: Renata de Lélis, Eduardo Mendonça.

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