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UCLA Film & Television Archive and The Andrew J. Kuehn Jr. Foundation present

Intersections: Race, Gender, Sexuality and the LGBTQ+ Family

If She Grows Up Gay
June 26, 2020 - 4:00 pm

“We are not going to go back into closets to bow our heads.” This unflappable assertion, pronounced by pioneering Black gay filmmaker Marlon Riggs in a 1992 interview for the groundbreaking LGBTQ+ television newsmagazine series, In the Life, remains as galvanizing a proclamation today as it was three decades ago. His reminder is an insistence, one that resonates through the converging identities inherent in that “we” of which he speaks: the “we” of queer folx, of people of color, of any marginalized group who knows silence cannot be the way forward. As film and television offer a mirror wherein one might encounter this “we,” it is necessary to turn to moving image archives to illuminate those reflections of the multifaceted identities found within. This decade-spanning program brings together short-form documentary, vérité docudrama and various newsmagazine segments for a glance into the intersecting identities of race, gender, family and sexual expression.

Intersections will begin with a live introduction from UCLA Film & Television Archive programmer K.J. Relth and Outfest UCLA Legacy Project manager Brendan Lucas.

Watch the program:


In the Life: Interview with Marlon Riggs (outtake excerpt) (May 9, 1992)

Approx. 5 min. 

In the Life, Episode 1610: “Testimonial from Andy” segment (July 2007)

Approx. 2 min. 

In the Life, Episode 1102: “The Murder of Fred Martinez” segment (November 2001)

Approx. 11 min.

Behind Every Good Man (c. 1967)

8 min. Director: Nikolai Ursin.

In the Life, Episode 402: “Family Album” segments (February 28, 1995)

6 min.

If She Grows Up Gay… (1983)

23 min. Director: Karen (Sloe) Goodman.


Total running time: approx. 56 min.


Outfest UCLA Legacy Project Screening Series