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Off-site: Awesome Asian Bad Guys

March 7, 2020 - 7:30 pm
filmmaker/actor Patrick Epino, filmmaker/actor Stephen Dypiango, screenwriter Milton Liu, actor Dante Basco.

Please note
: this event takes place at the James Bridges Theater, 235 Charles E. Young Dr. East, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

The Collector (2018)

A UCLA student recounts a traumatic experience that caused her close friend to be declared missing.

Digital, color, 3 min. Director/screenwriter: Linh Ngau, Michelle Shin, Mitchell Zia. Cast: Linh Ngau, Michelle Shin, Mitchell Zia.

Mama Pingpong Social Club (2018)

A lonely middle-aged woman joins an old schoolmate in a pingpong club for moms that is more sinister than it seems.

DCP, color, 26 min. Director/screenwriter: Shiang-An Chuang. Cast: Chuan Wang, Ying-Xuan Hsieh, Yuu Chen.

Secret Lives of Asians at Night (2019)

In the shadows of New York, the city’s restless Asian youth navigate racial tension, bizarre scenarios…and each other.

DCP, color, 18 min. Director/screenwriter: Keff. Cast: Lyrica Okano, Rob Chen, Jae Shin.

Awesome Asian Bad Guys  (2014)

Hiyah, gweilos! It’s all of us Asian and Asian American actors who embodied the mysterious East known as the Orient coming back to haunt you in this loving send-up of early and classic Hollywood’s penchant for casting us as foreign baddies, evil henchmen, exotic sidekicks for your white male heroes. National Film Society dynamic duo and Visual Communications friends Stephen Dypiango and Patrick Epino co-star and co-direct a who’s who of ‘70s and ‘80s Asian American actors in the ultimate A-Team scenario (masterminded by VC’s Director of Programs and Artist Services, Milton Liu) to celebrate their indelible contributions to the genre and cult cinemas. 

DCP, color, 50 min. Director: Stephen Dypiango, Patrick Epino. Screenwriter: Milton Liu. Cast: Stephen Dypiango, Patrick Epino, Tamlyn Tomita.