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UCLA Student Films: 1970s

Yellow Brotherhood
December 8, 2019 - 7:00 pm
Moises Cubillos, Robert Nakamara, Pierre Veck, Monona Wali.

The 1970s. The founding of the UCLA Ethno-Communications program in 1968 and its call for affirmative action policies necessary to improve the historically low-enrollment of students of color in the film program reverberated throughout the 1970s. Campus-wide activism resulted in more inclusive representation behind and in front of the camera as student filmmakers fused politics with cinematic innovation.

There will be a 30-minute Q&A with filmmakers and intermission between Program 1 and 2.

Program 1

Canned Performances  (Hoyt Yeatman, 1977)

Man on Roof  (Pierre Veck, 1979) 

Rainbow Car Wash  (Betty Yao Jung Chen, 1976)

Yellow Brotherhood  (Brian Tadashi Maeda, 1971)

Fashion for the Future  (Monona Wali, 1979)

Kinky Babylon  (Grayling Williams, 1979)

Program 2

Zbigniew in Love  (Erin Libby, 1979)

Angel Blue Sweet Wings  (Chick Strand, 1966) *

Wataridori / Birds of Passage  (Robert A. Nakamura, 1975)

Colonia  (Moises Cubillos, 1977)

When Stroker Strikes  (L. Reco Richardson, 1979)

* Preserved by the Academy Film Archive and the Pacific Film Archive with support from the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Films provided by UCLA Film & Television Archive (unless otherwise noted). Total running time
: 149 min.