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Reel One Party!

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July 13, 2019 - 7:30 pm
Joe Ziemba, Sebastian del Castillo, Alicia Coombs, Bret Berg, American Genre Film Archive.

Somewhere deep within the 6,000-strong 35mm print collection of the American Genre Film Archive is a cult cinephile’s next fix, one promising to deliver that sweet hit of outlandish, pleasurable discovery. With most prints in the AGFA collection acquired sight unseen, often on little more than the promise that a title fits the parameters of “genre film,” even the country’s leading exploitation experts sometimes have no idea what the hell they’re looking at. Come on a very special journey of spontaneous discovery as Joe, Bret, Seb and Alicia present the first reel of four wildly different, completely random flicks from the annals of exploitation ambiguity. Because within each rare print salvaged from obscurity by the AGFA team lies myriad mysteries, just waiting to be unleashed on an unassuming audience!

35mm, color, approx 80 min.