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Untitled  /  Streetscapes [Dialogue]

January 13, 2019 - 7:00 pm

Los Angeles premieres!

Untitled  (Austria, 2017)

A traveling filmmaker who found beauty in some of the harshest living conditions on the planet, Michael Glawogger (Whores’ Glory, Workingman’s Death) contracted malaria and died in 2014 while filming in Liberia, a little over four months into what was meant to be a year-long journey around the world. (“The most beautiful film I could imagine is one which would never come to rest,” he said of the project.) His longtime editor, Monika Willi, has assembled the extraordinary footage—shot by Attila Boa—into Untitled, based on Glawogger’s notes for its completion and incorporating excerpts from his witty and meditative journal entries. The result is a revelatory glimpse into Glawogger’s ideas and process as well as a moving elegy to the man.

DCP, color, in English and German with English subtitles, 107 min. Director: Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi.

Streetscapes [Dialogue]  (Germany, 2017)

A director speaks at length to a psychoanalyst, confiding his obsessions, fears, ideas about cinema, and psychological blocks, and eventually comes to realize that this all-encompassing exchange could be the basis of a film... Streetscapes [Dialogue] is based on a six-day psychoanalytic marathon that Emigholz undertook with trauma specialist Zohar Rubinstein—their roles are played in the film by American actor John Erdman and Argentinian filmmaker Jonathan Perel, who are photographed in and around buildings in Uruguay by Julio Vilamajó, Eladio Dieste, and Arno Brandlhuber. The result is Emigholz’s magnum opus, a demonstration of his singular working methods, and a playful, moving treatise on trauma and architecture in which foreground and background carry equal weight.

DCP, color, 132 min. Director: Heinz Emigholz. Director: Heinz Emigholz.