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Three Films by Jerome Hiler

Words of Mercury
November 30, 2018 - 7:30 pm
Q&A with filmmaker Jerome Hiler.

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“Getting back to my films, I would say that stained glass has always been an inspiration. In Words of Mercury, glass itself wafts its way through and under the superimpositions which, in themselves, shine in darkness like glass. In Bagatelle II (2016), I use black paint the way a stained glass painter uses it. With glass, the color is fired into the glass using metals and chemicals, so the color is in the glass itself. Figurative motifs are painted on the surface of the glass using black and brown to obscure and modulate the light.” (Jerome Hiler)

Words of Mercury (2011)

16mm, silent, 25 min.

Bagatelle II (2016)

16mm, silent, 16 min.

Marginalia (2016)

16mm, silent, 23 min.

Total running time: 64 min.