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A Question of Silence  /  Riddles of the Sphinx

Riddles of the Sphinx
February 19, 2017 - 7:00 pm

Healthcaring From Our End of the Speculum  (1976)

DVD, color, 32 min.  Dir. Denise Bostrom, Jane Warrenbrand.

A Question of Silence  (Netherlands, 1982)

De Stilte Rond Christine M.

Three women—strangers to each other—spontaneously murder the male owner of a clothing store triggering an unsettling, psychological police procedural that leads a criminal psychiatrist to challenge the exclusionary, patriarchal foundations of the Dutch justice system.

35mm, color, in Dutch w/ English subtitles, 96 min.  Dir. Marleen Gorris.  Production: Sigma Films. Producer: Matthijs van Heijningen. Screenwriter: M. Gorris. Cinematographer: Frans Bromet. Editor: Hans van Dongen. Composer: Lodewijk de Boer, Martijn Hasebos. With: Edda Barends, Nelly Frijda, Henriette Tol.

Riddles of the Sphinx  (UK, 1977)

Mulvey and Wollen’s landmark essay film brings radical theory and radical form to bear on a political, psychoanalytical explication of female subjectivity represented by a single mother struggling with work, child-care and personal fulfillment.

Blu-ray, color, 92 min.  Dir. Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen.  Production: British Film Institute Production Board. Distribution: Women Make Movies. Producer/Screenwriter: L. Mulvey; P. Wollen. Cinematographer: Diane Tammes. Editor: Carola Klein; Larry Sider. Composer: Mike Ratledge. With: Dinah Stabb, Merdel Jordine, Rhiannon Tise, Clive Merrison, Marie Green.