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Risk of Acid Rain

Risk of Acid Rain
May 21, 2016 - 7:30 pm
Behtash Sanaeeha.

West Coast Premiere!

Risk of Acid Rain  (Iran, 2015)

Ehtemal-e Baran-e Asidi

A lonely, elderly office worker takes room in a cheap hotel while seeking a long-lost friend in a town far from his own.  There he crosses paths with a restless young woman seeking a pretend “uncle” to get her out of scrapes.  Aided by the amiable hotelier, the two new friends find solace and needed joy in their unexpected friendship. 

DCP, color, 102 min.  Producer: Samira Baradari, Rohollah Baradari.  Director: Behtash Sanaeeha.  Screenwriter: Maryam Moghadam, Behtash Sanaeeha.  Cinematographer: Mohammadreza Jahanpanah.  Editor: Behtash Sanaeeha.  Composer: Henrik Nagy.  Cast: Shams Langeroodi, Maryam Moghadam, Pouriya Rahimi Sam, Arsolan Abdolahi, Eesa Hosseini.

Preceded by:

Fried Fish  (Iran, 2014)

Mahiye sorkh shodeh

This lovely, animated short film posits the sacrifices that are worthwhile in order to access one’s spiritual sustenance. 

Blu-ray, color, 11 min.  Director: Leila Khalilzadeh. Editor: Leila Khalilzadeh. Cast: Davoud Namayandeh (narrator).