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Hadji Sha

Hadji Sha
May 20, 2016 - 7:30 pm
Zamani Esmati, Roya Teimoorian.

U.S. Premiere!

Hadji Sha  (Iran, 2014)

This arresting, emotional drama presents an insular, extended family of women who occupy an urban household, with no male family member in their lives.  One woman has become their protector and arbiter of their disputes and problems, who presents herself in a male guise; that of “Hadji Sha.”  Learning that harm has befallen a vulnerable, young niece, Hadji Sha must mediate dangers and injustices, marshaling her fearsome wrath for the greater good.  

DCP, color, 81 min.  Producer: Zamani Esamati.  Director: Zamani Esmati.  Screenwriter: Zamani Esmati.  Cinematographer: Zamani Esmati.  Editor: Zamani Esmati.  Cast: Roya Teimoorian, Afsaneh Chehreh Azad, Leila Zareah, Sahar Abdollahi, Behdad Royan, Hooman Ashkboos.