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Wednesday, May 9

Wednesday May 9
May 16, 2016 - 7:30 pm

West Coast Premiere!

Wednesday, May 9  (Iran, 2015)

Chabarshanbeh, 19 Ordibchesht

A young woman is abandoned by all when her husband is unfairly imprisoned over an innocent accident, owing “blood money” to a vengeful plaintiff.  Seeing an advertisement that summons aspirants for help with their problems, she joins a throng of people who convene to appeal to one mysterious, beneficent man, who in turn finds that the price of generosity is greater than he reckoned.   

DCP, color, 101 min.  Producer: Mohammad Hussein Latifi, Ali Jalilvand.  Director: Vahid Jalilvand. Screenwriter: Ali Zarnegar, Vahid Jalilvand, Hussain Mahkam.  Cinematographer: Morteza Poursamadi.  Editor: Vahid Jalilvand, Sepehr Vakili.  Composer: Karen Homayounfar.  Cast: Niki Karimi, Amir Aghaee, Vahid Jalilvand, Shahrokh Frotanian, Saeed Dakh.