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The Man Who Became a Horse

The Man Who  Became a Horse
May 6, 2016 - 7:30 pm

North American Premiere!

The Man Who Became a Horse  (Iran, 2015)

Mardi ke Asb Shod

This luminous feature introduces an elderly laborer and his adult daughter who live in spartan circumstances in a seaside community of day laborers.  When circumstances change the community’s fortunes, the daughter sees the chance—or necessity—of breaking away, setting up a cataclysmic, intergenerational conflict.  Spellbindingly beautiful, the film hearkens to the Iranian New Wave in its obliquely powerful and poetic treatment of societal schisms and inexorable change. 

DCP, color, 113 min.  Producer: Ali Akbar Saghafi.  Director: Amir Hossein Saghafi.  Screenwriter: Amir Hossein Sagafi.  Based on the short story Grief by Anton Chekhov.  Cinematographer: Amin Jafari.  Editor: Mastaneh Mohajer.  Composer: Karen Homayounfar.  Cast: Mahmoud Nazar-Alian, Levon Haftvan, Mazdak Mirabedini, Melissa Zakeri, Mahtab Saeedi.