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The Sale  /  Dolls Don't Know  /  Iranian Ninja

The Sale
May 1, 2016 - 7:00 pm

West Coast Premiere!

The Sale  (Iran, 2014)


When professional artist Forough learns that her husband has gone to prison over bad business dealings, it is also revealed that he has kept a second, “temporary” wife, who now demands her legal dowry, which Forough must raise in the absence of her husband.  Selling her art and furnishings, she enters into a complicated set of negotiations with her rival, demonstrating the tortuous straits that modern Iranian women often navigate. 

Blu-ray, color, 86 min.  Director: Hossein Shahabi.  Screenwriter: Hossein Shahabi.  Cinematographer: Hooman Salmasi.  Editor: Hossein Eivazi.  Cast: Fariba Khademi, Nasim Abadi, Mahsa Abiz, Maryam Sarmadi, Esmat Rezapour.

Dolls Don't Know  (Iran, 2015)

Filmmaker Nava Rezvani profiles various women who were convinced or compelled to marry when very young, introduced to every kind of wifely duty, then consigned to their fate without a voice.  Candid narration, and dispiriting depictions of weddings and subsequent home life lend dimension and dignity to this widely experienced social phenomenon. 

Blu-ray, color, 50 min.  Producer: Nava Rezvani.  Director: Nava Rezvani.  Screenwriter: Nava Rezvani.  Cinematographer: Reza Teimoori.  Editor: Nava Rezvani.

Iranian Ninja  (Iran, 2014)

In contemporary Iran, some 3,000 women seek empowerment through mastery of the martial arts discipline of Ninjutsu.  In this documentary, we witness one group’s rigorous training and learn of the commitment they and their families make in encouraging them to defend themselves, and to excel as Ninjas (not only as wives and mothers) in a hostile world.  

Blu-ray, color, 31 min.  Producer: Marjan Riahi.  Director: Marjan Riahi.  Cinematographer: Mahnaz Mohammadi. Editor: Esmaeel Monsef.