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The Limping Man  /  The Master Plan

The Limping Man
January 31, 2016 - 7:00 pm

The Limping Man  (UK/USA, 1953)

Newly arrived in Britain as an exile, facing serious questions as to his ability to work there (director Charles de la Tour was paid to front for Cy Endfield at this point), or even to renew his U.S. passport, Endfield directed this feverish mystery about an American (Lloyd Bridges) rejoining an old lover in London, but caught up in a series of disorienting intrigues involving murder and international smuggling.

16mm, b/w, 76 min.  Production: Banner Pictures, Ltd.  Distribution: Lippert Pictures, Inc.  Producer: Donald Ginsberg.  Director: Cy Endfield (as Charles de Lautour).  Based on the story Death on the Tideway by Anthony Verney.  Screenwriter: Ian Stuart Black, Reginald Long.  Cinematographer: Jonah Jones.  Editor: Stan Willis.  Composer: Arthur Wilkinson.  With: Lloyd Bridges, Moira Lister, Alan Wheatley, Leslie Phillips, Hélène Cordet.

The Master Plan  (UK/USA, 1955)

By 1955 assuming the pseudonym "Hugh Raker," as a concession to U.S. distributors still wary of Cy Endfield's supposed Communist taint, the director undertook this low-budget, British thriller about intrigues in a high-security NATO office in central Europe where espionage is suspected, and a visiting American major is caught up in a sinister "brainwashing" scheme that compromises international security.

16mm, b/w, 78 min.  Production: Gibraltar Films, Ltd.  Distribution: Astor Pictures Corp.  Producer: Charles A. Leeds.  Director: Cy Endfield (as Hugh Raker).  Based on an original story by Harold Bratt.  Screenwriter: Cy Endfield (as Hugh Raker).  Cinematographer: Jonah Jones.   Editor: Jim Connock.  With: Wayne Morris, Tilda Thamar, Norman Wooland, Mary MacKenzie, Arnold Bell.