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Los Angeles in the Newsreels

December 14, 2015 - 7:30 pm
Jeffrey Bickel, UCLA Film & Television Archive.

Contemporary news media, in all its forms, is replete with stories and images of Los Angeles, sensational and otherwise, befitting the city’s position as a global economic and cultural center—and producer of much of that same media.  Tonight’s program looks back at how the city, as it ascended to its current prominence in the last century, was represented in the newsreels that gave rise to the moving image news of today.  From baby pageants to anti-war rallies, in both completed films and in raw footage, the newsreels captured the provincial and increasingly international dimensions of the city as it evolved.

35mm, b/w, total running time of program: approx. 150 min.

Soldiers of Security  (1927)

Political campaign film to encourage voter support for a measure on wage increases for Los Angeles police and firemen.  Film depicts the heroism, risks, and loss of life that happen to police and firemen in the line of duty.  Silent, approx. 20 min.

Hearst Metrotone News

Screenings will include unreleased footage of Clara Bow opening the It Cafe in Hollywood, the wedding of Jane Powell, and Nikita Khrushchev in Hollywood.  Plus:

California Greets the Coolidges  (2/22/30)

Former President and wife, arriving in Los Angeles, get an enthusiastic Western welcome.  Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge with Governor Young, of California, and Mrs. Young.


Sensational Race in Big Swim Meet  (7/12/30)

Buster Crabbe, Los Angeles, beats Kalili, Honolulu by traditional nose at Long Beach, CA.


Hollywood Kids Do Some Stepping  (12/10/30)

Pupils of the Mosconi school display their talents as the movie capital's peppiest dancers.


Los Angeles Gets Biggest Hospital  (12/13/30)

Governor Rolph officiates with Mary Pickford at cornerstone laying for $12,000,000 institution.


Hollywood Stages a Jewel Pageant  (9/16/31)

Motion Picture Industry's contribution to Fiesta proves glittering treat for Los Angeles.


Papers Delivered by Sky Newsair  (11/11/31)

Blimp service inaugurated by Los Angeles Herald in honor of 20th birthday anniversary.


Believe it or Not — Waiters do Hurry!  (2/27/32)

Los Angeles race proves it — Tito Schipa, the opera star, sees Joe Castsmagna win speed contest.


Olympic Games Special!  (7/30/32)

Pictures of the world's outstanding sporting event in Los Angeles.


Hollywood Stages Gala Pageant for Gov. Roosevelt  (10/1/32)

Will Rogers officiates at glittering night fete to aid cause of charity.


School Started for Wild Babies  (1/11/33)

Infants in the California Zoological Gardens get lessons in etiquette at Los Angeles.


Earthquake Disaster in California  (3/13/33)

Remarkable views of the Great Pacific Coast Upheaval.


Girl Speed Demon Outraces Men in Gold Cup Regatta  (9/23/33)

Loretta Turnbull defeats ace drivers of the United States on Lake Los Angeles, CA.


Hollywood Snowbound!  (1/13/49)

Freak storm blankets areas of Southern California with unprecedented snowfall transforming this semi-tropical area into a winter wonderland.

... and much more!