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Dusty and Sweets McGee

Dusty and Sweets McGee (1971)
December 4, 2015 - 7:30 pm
Floyd Mutrux.

Dusty and Sweets McGee  (1971)

Wishing to cash in on the youth market, Warner Bros. financed director Floyd Mutrux’s film about two young drug addicts, adrift in late 1960s Los Angeles without approving a script.  Virtually plotless, and starring mostly amateur actors, Mutrux’s film meanders through sun-drenched, shiny urban landscapes, while its denizens wander from one fix to the next, spiritually dead. 

35mm, color, 95 min.  Production: Laughlin, Fraker, Mutrux Productions in Association with Michael J. Parsons.  Distribution: Warner Bros.  Producer: Michael S. Laughlin.  Director: Floyd Mutrux.  Screenwriter: Floyd Mutrux.  Cinematographer: William A. Fraker.  Editor: Richard A. Harris.  With: Tip, Nancy, Beverly, Mitch, Larry.

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Preserved by the Academy Film Archive.

Hats Off to Hollywood  (1972)

Before her essential document of the Los Angeles punk scene, The Decline of Western Civilization (1981), then UCLA student Penelope Spheeris shot this groundbreaking, docu-fictional portrait of the transgender Jennifer and her friend/lover/hustler, Dana, as they make their dazzling way on the streets of Hollywood. 

16mm, color, 22 min.  Director: Penelope Spheeris.

Kinky  (1966)

This UCLA student film captures a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic montage of students, beatniks and hippies on the sidewalk in front of Canter's Deli on Fairfax Avenue.  The happening is edited to music by The Kinks.

16mm, color, 2 min.  Director: James Joannides, Maurice Bar-David.