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Ladonna Harris: Indian 101  (2014) / A Good Day to Die  (2011)

Ladonna Harris: Indian 101 (2014)
December 7, 2014 - 7:00 pm
David Mueller, Lynn Salt.

LaDonna Harris: Indian 101 (2014)

Directed by
Julianna Brannum (Comanche).

This inspiring biography traces the remarkable career of Comanche activist LaDonna Harris, whose life in public service began as the wife of U.S. Senator Fred Harris.  A tribute to Harris’ lifelong commitment to political and social activism, her achievements as a voice for Native American advancement, and her ongoing efforts to guide a new generation of indigenous leaders.

Naru Mui Films.  Producer: Julianna Brannum.  Cinematographer: Dustinn Craig, Nate Foll.  Editor: Sam Wainwright Douglas, Karen Skloss.  Cast: LaDonna Harris.

Digital video, color, 63 min.

A Good Day to Die (2011)

Directed by
David Mueller, Lynn Salt.

David Mueller and Lynn Salt’s stirring documentary chronicles the American Indian Movement (AIM) through a parallel biography of founder Dennis Banks, who started the organization in 1968.  A statesman who rose to leadership following U.S. military service and subsequent battles with alcohol and imprisonment, Banks led AIM in historic occupations of Federal facilities and key municipalities, protesting unjust U.S. policies and allowing many young Native Americans a first opportunity to feel pride in their heritage.

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation.  Producer: David Mueller, Lynn Salt (Choctaw).  Cinematographer: David Mueller.  Editor: Robert McFalls.  Cast: Larry Anderson, Dennis Banks, Tashina Banks, Zinzii Banks, Clude Bellecourt.

Digital video, color, 90 min.