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Naturally Native  (1999) / Divided by Zero  (2006)

Naturally Native (1999)
November 14, 2014 - 7:30 pm
Jennifer Wynne Farmer, Dawn Jackson, Valerie Red-Horse.

Naturally Native (1999)

Directed by
Valerie Red-Horse (Cherokee), Jennifer Wynne Farmer.

DirectorValerie Red-Horse offers a moving tale of Native self-betterment and triumph in this disarming drama about three American Indian sisters, raised separately in foster families, who now seek a shared destiny as entrepreneurs of a line of organic cosmetics.  The way to success, however, is strewn with practical, cultural and personal obstacles, the surmounting of which offers a drama rich with emotion, from a perspective heretofore rarely treated on screen.

Red-Horse Native Productions.  Producer: Valerie Red-Horse, Dawn Jackson, Yvonne Russo.  Screenwriter: Valerie Red-Horse.  Cinematographer: Bruce Finn.  Editor: Lorraine Salk.  Cast: Valerie Red-Horse, Irene Bedard, Kimberly Norris Guerrero, Pato Hoffmann, Floyd Red Crow Westerman.

35mm, color, 107 min.

Preceded by

Divided by Zero (2006)

Directed by
Danis Goulet (Cree/Métis).

The saga of Ashley, a young suburban woman exasperated by her family's blasé attitude toward her intense commitment to indigenous consciousness.

Betacam, color, 16 min.