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Navajo Talking Picture (1985) / On & Off the Res' W/ Charlie Hill (2000) / Song Journey (1994)

Song Journey (1994)
November 7, 2014 - 7:30 pm
Arlene Bowman.

Navajo Talking Picture (1985)

Directed by
Arlene Bowman (Diné).

While a student at UCLA, Arlene Bowman set out to document her grandmother’s life on the Navajo reservation but when her grandmother refuses to participate mid-way through, Bowman must confront her own motives and understanding of her heritage. Fascinating for the mistakes Bowman seemingly makes as well as the lessons she imparts, Navajo Talking Picture speaks to the complexities and pitfalls of representation no matter who’s behind the camera.

Women Make Movies.  Producer: Arlene Bowman. Cinematographer: Arlene Bowman, James Mulryan.  Editor: Arlene Bowman, James Mulryan.

Digital video, color, 40 min.

On & Off the Res' W/ Charlie Hill (2000)

Directed by
Sandi Osawa (Makah).

Pioneering Native American comedian Charlie Hill tells his story in this poignant documentary.  From an Indian reservation in Wisconsin to performing on The Richard Pryor Show and The Tonight Show, Hill’s gutsy journey challenged stereotypes with wry humor and determination.  On & Off the Res w/ Charlie Hill is a testament to the power of humor, and a portrait of a beloved and groundbreaking artist.

Upstream Productions.  Producer: Sandra Osawa.  Cinematographer: Yasu Osawa.  Editor: Yasu Osawa.  Cast: Charlie Hill.

DVCam, color, 58 min.

Song Journey (1994)

Directed by
Arlene Bowman (Diné).

Song Journey finds filmmaker Arlene Bowman still searching for a deeper understanding of and connection to her Native roots.  Here, she hits the road on the powwow circuit to meet and document Native women singers.  As personal and self-reflexive as Navajo Talking Picture (1985), Song Journey also plays as a follow up to that film as Bowman’s travels take her back to the Navajo reservation and her now deceased grandmother’s home.

Women Make Movies.  Producer: Jeanine Moret, Arlene Bowman.  Screenwriter: Jeanine Moret, Johanna Hofmann.  Cinematographer: Jeanine Moret.  Editor: Jeanine Moret, Arlene Bowman.

Digital video, color, 57 min.