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Cut Out the Eyes  (2014) / Alao's Village  (2013)

Cut Out the Eyes (China, 2014)
October 29, 2014 - 7:30 pm

World Premiere!

Cut Out the Eyes (Wa yanjing) (China, 2014)

Directed by
Xu Tong.

Xu Tong’s documentary presents a vibrant portrait of folk and popular culture in Inner Mongolia.  Er Housheng is an itinerant performer, presenting boisterous, musically-infused epic poems recounting his life’s travails.  A survivor of many hardships (the title provides a hint), he is a folk hero to rural audiences who respond heartily to his balls-out attitude and his sung summations of universal human foibles.

Cinematographer/Editor: Xu Tong.

HDCam, color, in Mandarin with English subtitles, 80 min.

Los Angeles Premiere!

Alao's Village (A'lao de cunzhuang) (China, 2013)

Directed by
Li Youjie.

Returning to the village where he grew up, a young man probes the gap between his memories of the place he knew as a child, and the realities of the community he returns to.  As Alao films his grandmother, parents and fellow villagers, he constructs a bittersweet personal memoir of childhood and loss in this lyrical documentary.

Cinematographer/Editor: Li Youjie.

HDCam, color, in Yunnan dialect with English subtitles, 75 min.