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Deep Inside Clint Star  (1999) / Honey Moccasin  (1998)

Deep Inside Clint Star (1999)
October 27, 2014 - 7:30 pm

Deep Inside Clint Star (Canada, 1999)

Directed by Clint Alberta (Dene).

Director Clint Alberta’s stylish, surprising documentary renders a fascinating group portrait of young Aboriginal Canadians in and around Toronto at the turn of the millennium.  Aping the role of bad-boy filmmaker “Clint Star,” pursuing titillation and sexual secrets, Alberta adeptly elicits nuanced stories of Native identity, pain, loss, grace and triumph.

National Film Board of Canada.  Producer: Silva Basmajian.  Cinematographer: Marcos Arriaga.  Editor: Katharine Asals.  Cast: Clint Alberta.

DigiBeta, color, 88 min.

Honey Moccasin (Canada, 1998)

Directed by
Shelley Niro.

Someone’s stealing all the women’s powwow clothing on the fictional Grand Pine Indian Reservation and the rivalry between two local bars, The Smokin’ Moccasin and The Inukshuk Cafe, is heating up.  Is there a connection?  Director Shelley Niro deploys a cabaret-style mash-up of styles and genres—from mystery to musical to performance art—in this deliriously funny and inventive comedy about identity, gender and Native experience.

Producer: Lynn Hutchison, Shelley Niro. Screenwriter: Shelley Niro.  Cinematographer: Marcos Arriaga.  Editor: Sarah Peddie.  Cast: Tantoo Cardinal, Billy Merasty, Berenelda Wheeler, Florene Belmore, Kelly Henhawk.

Digital video, color, 47 min.

Preceded by

Silly Rabbit (2006)

Directed by
Dax Thomas.

A proliferation of rapid-fire images, ranging from the quotidian to the erotically charged, testify to contradictory experiences of sexuality in modernity as something joyful, absurd, objectified, marketed and sometimes giggle-worthy.

Digital video, color, 3 min.