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Humor in Native American Film

Search for the World's Best Indian Taco (2010)
October 18, 2014 - 3:00 pm

A whimsical selection of short films ranging from speculative fiction to hilarious parodies of advertising.

Do Indians Shave? (

Directed by Chris Spotted Eagle (Houma).

A comedy plucked from thin air, this documentary quizzes American men and women on the street as to their knowledge of Native American people.

Digital video, color, 10 min.

NTV (1994)

Directed by Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie (Seminole/Creek/Navajo).  CAST: Harold Littlebird, Soni Moreno-Caballero, Allen DeLeary.

A hilarious assembly of comedic sketches and impressions, this work filters Native experience through a filter of vapid societal forms and rituals.

Digital video, color, 20 min.


Cow Tipping: The Militant Indian Waiter (1991)

Directed by Randy Redroad.

Director Randy Redroad’s hilarious short illustrates the confrontation of cultural insensitivity and cultural oversensitivity, leading to a seemingly endless cycle of the same old, same old.

Digital video, color, 17 min.


Search For the World's Best Indian Taco (2010)

Directed by Steven Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw).

Love blooms between strangers who meet at an Indian fair, appreciating the glories of an essential Native delicacy.

Screenwriter: Steven Judd.  CAST: James Anderson, Kiya Chacon, Tazbah Chavez.

HDCam, color, 12 min.


Return of the Country (1982)

Directed by Bob Hicks (Creek/Seminole).

Bob Hicks’ wry comedy from 1982 posits the (outrageous?) possibility of a United States controlled by Native American leaders.

Digital video, color, 25 min.


MAC V. PC (2008)

Directed by Steven Judd, Tvli Jacob (Choctaw).

A hilarious send-up of the ultimate corporate commercial, this short pits an indigenous archetype against the image of the European invader.

Digital video, color, 1 min.