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"Surveying the Landscape" - Panel Discussion

Miss Navajo
October 5, 2014 - 3:00 pm
Chris Eyre, Shelley Niro, Heather Rae, Randy Redroad; moderated by UCLA Prof. David Delgado Shorter.

The scope of the cultural achievement represented by the films in this series is gigantic, but how may it be best understood historically?  Native American filmmakers have attained increasing notice in the last quarter-century, and communities and artists have been energized to create more, and more elaborate, films and videos.  Yet their aims have often been widely divergent, and differently infused with politics, cultural information and artistic ambition.  This panel will explore the individual and group achievements made by myriad artists and communities, and the place of emergent Native American cinema within the contexts of North American and international cinema culture.

Watch the conversation with Chris Eyre, Shelley Niro, Heather Rae, Randy Redroad, moderated by UCLA professor David Delgado Shorter: