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A Wedding (1978)  /  Dinah!: "Dinah Goes to A Wedding"

A Wedding (1978)
May 11, 2014 - 7:00 pm
Kathryn Altman, Margery Bond, Dennis Christopher, Paul Dooley, Ann Ryerson.

A Wedding (1978)

Directed by
Robert Altman.

Two families join at a country estate for the wedding of new money scion “Dino” to old money heiress “Muffin.” A bungled ceremony by a doddering priest and the rueful sighs of aging matriarch Lillian Gish portend trouble, as indeed, wedding guests stay discreetly away, and family quirks and secrets come out of the woodwork like termites.  Delightful character turns abound in this dissection of the discomfiting rituals of class pretension.

Lion’s Gate Films/Twentieth Century Fox.  Producer: Robert Altman.  Screenwriters: Robert Altman, John Considine, Allan Nicholls, Patricia Resnick, based on a story by R. Altman and J. Considine.  Cinematographer: Charles Rosher Jr.  Editor: Tony Lombardo.  Cast: Carol Burnett, Paul Dooley, Amy Stryker, Mia Farrow, Dennis Christopher, Lillian Gish, Desi Arnaz, Jr.

35mm, color, 125 min.

Preceded by:

Dinah!: "Dinah Goes To A Wedding" (excerpt)

ABC, 5/26/78

In a special segment taped on the location of A Wedding (1978), Dinah Shore interviews director Robert Altman and gets a surprise.

Digital video, color, approx. 10 min.