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Hollywood Television Theater: "The Last of Mrs. Lincoln"; Omnibus: "Mr. Lincoln, Part 1"

Hollywood Television Theater: "The Last of Mrs. Lincoln"
May 11, 2014 - 3:00 pm

Hollywood Television Theater: "The Last of Mrs. Lincoln"

KCET, 8/16/76

Directed by George Schafer.

Actor Julie Harris brings vivid life to the figure of Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady to a hallowed President, written off by political operatives and much of the public as an unrepentant Southerner, a shrew, a spendthrift and probably crazy.  Spanning Mary’s last 17 years of dwindling relationships, recriminations and ongoing tribulations, the remarkable play lights a long-besmirched American character with the light of possible vindication.  

Executive Producer: Norman Lloyd.  Screenwriter: James Prideaux, based on his play.  Editor: Terry M. Pickford.  Cast: Julie Harris, Michael Cristofer, Patrick Duffy, Robby Benson, Linda Kelsey.

Digibeta, color, 130 min.

Preceded by:

Omnibus: "Mr. Lincoln, Part 1: The Beginning and the End"


Directed by Norman Lloyd.

The first of this five-part history of Abraham Lincoln’s early life, written by James Agee, begins at the end with Lincoln’s death and a nation’s descent into mourning.  A poetic montage, conceived by Norman Lloyd, of Lincoln’s funeral train slowly chugging through the countryside forms the stirring centerpiece of this elegiac portrait.

Producer: William Spier.  Screenwriter: James Agee.  Cast: Royal Dano, Crahan Denton, Joanne Woodward.

BetaSP, b/w, 30 min.