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Hollywood Television Theater: "Incident at Vichy"; Insight: "The Hit Man" (1983)

Hollywood Television Theater: "Incident at Vichy (12/6/73)
April 30, 2014 - 7:30 pm

Preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive.

Hollywood Television Theater: "Incident at Vichy"

KCET, 12/6/73

Directed by Stacy Keach.

In Arthur Miller's charged World War II drama, a group of 10 captives is held in a Nazi detention room in Vichy, 1942. Awaiting interrogation as rumors of concentration camps and mysterious trains roil the air, the increasingly desperate men interrogate one another on their identities and their ideas about justice, morality and action. Included immediately following this episode is an interview with Miller by series executive producer Norman Lloyd.

Executive Producer: Norman Lloyd. Based on the play by Arthur Miller. Screenwriter: Arthur Miller.  Cast: Rene Auberjonois, Ed Bakey, Lee Bergere, Tom Bower, Harry Davis.

Digibeta, color, 90 min.

Insight: "The Hit Man" (1983)

Directed by Norman Lloyd.

Stranded in an airport during a torrential rain storm, erstwhile strangers strike up a casual conversation, comparing notes about their lives and careers until one man reveals, in all seriousness, that he "kills people for a living." What he says next calls into question not his morality, but their own... and by extension, that of the television viewer.

Producer: Terrence Sweeney. Screenwriter: David Field.  Cast: Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Patty Duke Astin, John Anderson, Al Ruscio.

Digitbeta, color, 30 min.