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Countdown (1968)  /  Modern Football (1951)

Countdown (1968
April 19, 2014 - 3:00 pm

Countdown (1968)

Directed by
Robert Altman

Anticipating the first moon landing by a year, this feature depicted America’s participation in the space race with surprising detail and plausibility. Rival astronauts Lee (James Caan) and “Chiz” (Robert Duvall) vie to be the first American on the moon. Their shared journey as friends, family men and professionals is aptly catalogued in this engaging and timely feature.

William Conrad Productions, Warner Bros. Pictures. Producer: James Lydon. Screenwriter: Loring Mandel, based on the novel "The Pilgrim Project by Hank Searls. Cinematographer: William W. Spencer. Editor: Gene Milford. Cast: James Caan, Robert Duvall, Joanna Moore, Barbara Baxley, Charles Aidman.

35mm, color, 101 min.

Preceded by:

Modern Football (1951)

Directed by
Robert Altman.

This early industrial film reviews national policies and standards governing high school football; featuring the fantasies of a would-be gridiron hero and a cameo by director Robert Altman himself in the stadium press box.

Digital video from 16mm, b/w, 26 min.