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Desperate (1947); Railroaded! (1947)

Desperate (1947)
March 1, 2014 - 7:30 pm

Desperate (1947)

Directed by Anthony Mann

Seeking an honest living to support his pregnant wife, a returning veteran accepts a job that turns out to be illegal—trafficking stolen furs.  Attempting an exit, he becomes embroiled in a police incident, and soon has the mob and the cops on his tail, as he flees with his wife from pillar to post. This straightforward yarn is also a sobering tale of disillusionment. 

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. Producer: Michael Kraike. Screenwriter: Harry Essex, from a story by Dorothy Atlas and Anthony Mann. Cinematographer: George E. Diskant. Editor: Marston Fay. Cast: Steve Brodie, Audrey Long, Raymond Burr, Douglas Fowley, Jason Robards. 

16mm, b/w, 73 min.

Railroaded! (1947)

Directed by Anthony Mann

An innocent man is framed for the murder of a policeman, and police corruption works against the innocent victim of the system, after a crooked nightclub owner and his girlfriend botch the robbery of her own bookie joint. Mann’s low budget treatment features high key lighting and John Ireland and Sheila Ryan as the despicable villains, while police detective Chubb is portrayed as a vicious sadist. 

Eagle-Lion Films Inc. Producer: Charles F. Riesner. Screenwriter: John C. Higgins, based on a story by Gertrude Walker. Cinematographer: Guy Roe. Editor: Louis H. Sackin. Cast: John Ireland, Sheila Ryan, Hugh Beaumont, Jane Randolph, Ed Kelly.

Digital video, b/w, 72 min.