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Our Neighbors (Taiwan, 1963); Home Sweet Home (Taiwan, 1970)

Home Sweet Home (1970)
February 23, 2014 - 7:00 pm
noted producer Peggy Chiao.

Restored by Chinese Taipei Film Archive.

Our Neighbors (Taiwan, 1963)

“Slum life gets a gritty portrait and a glamorization in the form of a community coming together to help an orphaned little girl.” —Time Out  

Directed by Lee Hsing

An orphaned girl in a poverty-stricken neighborhood is adopted by a kindly neighbor.  He struggles to support her honestly, despite opportunities to participate in a neighbor’s scurrilous get-rich-quick schemes. Invoking the pain of Chinese exiles living in Taiwan, or missing relatives still in China, the touching film posits an in-between historical period during which it is crucial for displaced residents to maintain virtue as a bedrock of identity. 

Screenwriter: Yao Feng-pang. Cinematographer: Lai Cheng-ying. Editor: Chang Yung-chia. Cast: Ho Yu-hua, Lei Ming, Li Kuan-chang, Li Yu-chen, Lo Wan-lin.

HDCAM, b/w, in Mandarin and Taiwanese with English subtitles, 90 min. 

Home Sweet Home (Taiwan, 1970)

"Pai lends striking visual innovation to the stories of Taiwan students returning...for the holidays.” —Film Society of Lincoln Center

Directed by Pai Ching-jui

Going abroad has its own allures. But what happens when people come back home? This rediscovered classic combines an all-star ensemble cast, colorful clashes of rural nostalgia and sixties pop style, and film techniques that director Pai Ching-jui himself learned while studying filmmaking in Italy.

Producer: Henry Kung. Screenwriter: Chang Yung-hsiang, based on a story by Meng Yao. Cinematographer: Lin Tsan-ting. Editor: Wang Jin-chen. Cast: Chang Hsiao-yen, Chen Kuo Chun, Chen Hui Mei, Li Chang, Chu Bo-lin.

HDCAM, color, 108 min.