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The Great Flamarion (1945); The Furies (1950)

The Great Flamarion (1945)
January 31, 2014 - 7:30 pm

Restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive, with funding provided by the American Film Institute/National Endowment for the Arts Preservation Grants Program.

The Great Flamarion (1945)

Directed by Anthony Mann

The Great Flamarion is an aging vaudeville sharpshooter whose act is assisted by a married couple acting as human targets. The wife is unhappy, though, and is itching to engineer a little accident to get rid of her alcoholic husband. The great Erich von Stroheim plays the sharpshooter with great sensitivity, and a psychopathic edge, again qualifying him as a typical Anthony Mann hero.  

Republic Pictures Corp. Producer: William Wilder. Screenwriter: Anne Wigton, Heinz Herald, Richard Weil. Cinematographer: James S. Brown Jr. Editor: John F. Link. Cast: Erich von Stroheim, Mary Beth Hughes, Dan Duryea, Stephen Barclay, Lester Allen.

35mm, b/w, 75 min.

Preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive.

The Furies (1950)

Directed by Anthony Mann

The Furies casts Barbara Stanwyck as Vance, Walter Huston’s headstrong daughter who runs his ranch in New Mexico Territory.  Vance faithfully protects her best friend, the Mexican-American Juan (Gilbert Roland).  When her new, socialite stepmother (Judith Anderson) dares to challenge her authority, Vance disfigures her with a pair of scissors.  Stanwyck’s character offers an action-packed, cowgirl rebellion against patriarchy that foreshadows her later work with director Samuel Fuller. 

Paramount Pictures Corp.  Producer: Hal B. Wallis.  Screenwriter: Charles Schnee.  Cinematographer: Victor Milner.  Editor: Archie Marshek.  Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Walter Huston, Gilbert Roland, Wendell Corey, Judith Anderson. 

35mm, b/w, 107 min.

Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

Watch the trailer below.