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Pressure Point (1962); Bless the Beasts and Children (1971)

Pressure Point (1962)
September 20, 2013 - 7:30 pm
Tippi Hedren, Bill Mumy, Marc Vahanian.

Pressure Point (1962)

Directed by Hubert Cornfield

Sidney Poitier portrays a prison psychiatrist treating an inmate (Bobby Darin) whose sociopathic violence was animated by childhood traumas and expressed through Nazi sympathies.  His medical judgment ultimately distrusted by his peers because of his race, he nonetheless persists in his commitment to confronting irrational prejudices, through science as a personal stand. 

United Artists. Producer: Stanley Kramer. Based on a short story by Robert Mitchell Lindner. Screenwriter: Hubert Cornfield, S. Lee Pogostin. Cinematographer: Ernest Hall. Editor: Frederic Knudtson. Cast: Sidney Poitier, Bobby Darin, Peter Falk, Carl Beton Reid, Mary Munday. 

35mm, b/w, 91 min. 

Bless the Beasts and Children (1971)

Directed by Stanley Kramer

Sent by their parents to summer camp in hopes of straightening out various behavioral problems, a varied group of teenage boys form a makeshift band of brothers.  Ostracized by other campers, they find a mission upon discovering plans for the slaughter of a herd of bison whom they set out to free.  Continuing producer-director Stanley Kramer’s career-long fascination with the problems of youth.

Columbia Pictures. Producer: Stanley Kramer. Based on the novel by Glendon Swarthout. Screenwriter: Mac Benoff. Cinematographer: Michel Hugo. Editor: William A. Lyon. Cast: Bill Mumy, Barry Robins, Miles Chapin, Darel Glaser, Bob Kramer. 

35mm, color, 109 min. 

Watch the trailer below.