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La chasse au lion à l'arc (The Lion Hunters) (1965)

La chasse au lion à l'arc (1965)
February 3, 2013 - 7:00 pm

"The effort, the success, the masterpiece of Jean Rouch in The Lion Hunters stems from the long patience of a filmmaker who through his fascination took the time to wonder how, through its differences, reality has the right to enchant mind and eye." —Sylvie Pierre, Cahiers du Cinéma

Directed by Jean Rouch

Seven years in the making, this documentary details the highly technical and mystical process of planning and executing a lion hunt, including the preparation of special poisons, testing these on other animals, and tracking and killing the lions with special prayers offered as part of the process. More than in most of his other fieldwork, Rouch implicated himself in the unfolding of this story, noting those moments that he and his camera informed the proceedings themselves.

Digital video, color, 77 min.

Preceded by

Bataille sur le grand fleuve (Battle on the Great River) (1951)

Directed by Jean Rouch

An account of hippopotamus hunting in the Niger river, this stirring film, with great attention to process and outstanding cinematography, was also the first project which Rouch screened for the subjects of the story, inviting their input (a practice he would continue henceforth). 

16mm, color, 33 min.