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Lacuna (2012); Shanghai Strangers (2012)

Lacuna (2012)
October 13, 2012 - 7:30 pm
Derek Tsang.

Lacuna (2012)

North American Premiere!

Directed by Derek Tsang, Jimmy Wan

One morning a young man, Shen Wei (Shawn Yue, famous for his roles in Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung’s recent comic diptych, Love in a Puff and Love in the Buff), and a young woman, Tong Xin (Zhang Jingchu whose breakout role was in Gu Changwei’s Peacock), wake up in each other’s arms in the “Bed and Bath” section of a deserted highend Beijing department store – without any idea of how they got there. They had drunk a lot the night before (their amnesia is severe enough to suggest that different substances may have been ingested), and they spend the rest of the movie struggling to figure out what happened – retracing their steps, trying to find where the car was parked and where the bag containing the money was stowed, having to bring a very unusual “pet” to the Nativity set of a Chinese film called O Mary Jane, and having flashbacks at inopportune moments.

Produced by the maverick Pang, who recently relocated to Beijing, Lacuna is a sophisticated, charmingly madcap rom-com that explores the way young people inhabit the rapidly changing urban space of Beijing. As Shen Wei is a Hong Kong executive, and Tong Xin a Mainlander, the film becomes a metaphor for the relationship between Hong Kong and China – that involves sleeping in the same bed, but also experiencing misunderstanding, awkwardness and bouts of amnesia.

– Bérénice Reynaud

Producer: Pang Ho-cheung, Subi Liang. Screenwriter: Derek Tsang, Jimmy Wan, Zhang You-you, Kuk Yuk. Cinematographer: Charlie Lam. Editor: Wenders Li. Cast: Zhang Jingchu, Shawn Yue, Chu Yue-sun, Yoga Lin, Lawrence Chou.

HDCAM, color, Putonghua w/ English s/t, 96 min. 

Preceded by

Shanghai Strangers (2012)

West Coast Premiere!

Directed by Joan Chen

Christmas Eve. A party draws to a close at a restaurant. As the happy celebrants depart, the woman who stays behind sees a male foreigner sitting alone at a table. He is spending Christmas Eve alone. From this brief encounter, Joan Chen spins a delicate tale of remembrance and of love that springs from loss, evoking a dreamlike palimpsest of her beloved hometown of Shanghai. Memories spark of romance kindled amidst the specter of SARS, and a Jewish past whispered by a forgotten stash of photos in an empty house. With this internet “micro-movie,” Joan Chen returns to directing for the first time in 12 years. Cinematographer Florian J.E. Zinke supplies the gossamer images to editors Ruby Yang and Mary Stephen’s pulsing lyricism.

– Cheng-Sim Lim

Producer: Alexi Tan. Screenwriter: Joan Chen. Cinematographer: Florian J.E. Zinke. Editor: Mary Stephen, Ruby Yang. Cast: Jiang Yiyan, Teo Yoo, Wang Yong, Arran Hawkins, Zhang Haoxing.

HDCAM, color, Putonghua and English w/ English s/t, 24 min.