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6. Passing Time

NS Trilogie Part II: Feeling Kazet (1997)
September 15, 2012 - 7:30 pm

The passage of time and a certain amount of distance were probably necessary before visual artists began questioning the reality and aftermath of Nazism. This program introduces several rarely screened works that directly confront recent Austrian history, and they had obvious and radical social, political and artistic repercussions for the Viennese Actionists and the student protests of May ’68. Time has passed over dark horizons to become permeated with transforming cities or history in neighbouring countries through the use of judiciously chosen found footage.

Total running time: 79 min.

NS Trilogie Part II: Feeling Kazet (1997)

Directed by Linda Christanell

16mm on digital video, color, 14 min.

Nightstill (2007)

Directed by Elke Groen

35mm, color, 9 min.

Kunst & Revolutionary Art & Revolution (1968)

Directed by Ernst Schmidt Jr.

16mm, b/w, color, silent, 2 min.

55/95 (1994)

Directed by Gustav Deutsch

16mm, b/w, 1 min.

Ein drittes Reich (A Third Reich) (1975)

Directed by Alfred Kaiser

16mm, b/w, 29 min.

Tito-Material (1998)

Directed by Elke Groen

16mm, color, 5 min.

Cityscapes (2007)

Directed by Michaela Grill, Martin Stiewert

35mm, b/w, 16 min.

20/68 Schatzi (1968)

Directed by Kurt Kren

16mm, b/w, silent, 3 min.