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4. From A to Z and Back

Vertigo Rush (2007)
September 6, 2012 - 7:30 pm

Inspired by the first film images ever shot in La Ciotat to sophisticated references to Hitchcock, this program questions media, the passage of time and different technologies used to create moving images. From the horizontal to the vertical and at differing speeds, intensities or fluctuations, various modes of cinematographic dislocation are explored. And in doing so nearly every possible manner of moving from one place to another is employed, whether traditional or virtual.

Total running time: 71 min.

L'Arrivée (1997-1998)

Directed by Peter Tscherkassky

35mm, b/w, 2 min.

Luukkaankangas–Updated, Revisited (2005)

Directed by Dariusz Kowalski

Digital video, color, 7 min.

Mir Mig Men (2002)

Directed by Karoe Goldt

Digital video, color, 5 min.

Perfekt 2 (1982)

Directed by Dietmar Brehm

16mm, b/w, 12 min.

Film–An Exercise in illusions II (1983)

Directed by Lisl Ponger

35mm, color, silent, 4 min.

Adjungierte Dislokationen (Adjunct Dislocations) (1973)

Directed by VALIE EXPORT

Digital video, b/w, 10 min.

5/67 TV (1967)

Directed by Kurt Kren

16mm, b/w, silent, 4 min.

Alpine Passage (2006)

Directed by Michaela Schwentner

Digital video, color, 8 min.

Vertigo Rush (2007)

Directed by Johann Lurf

35mm, color, 19 min.