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"Hallmark Hall of Fame: A Storm in Summer" (NBC, 2/6/70);
"We Two" (1972)

"Hallmark Hall of Fame: A Storm in Summer" (NBC, 2/6/70)
August 26, 2012 - 7:00 pm

Preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive

"Hallmark Hall of Fame: A Storm in Summer" (NBC, 2/6/70)

Directed by Buzz Kulik

Serling’s teleplay for "Hallmark Hall of Fame" poignantly examines prejudice through the eyes of an elderly Jewish delicatessen owner who reluctantly becomes summer host to an underprivileged African American youth from Harlem, leading to a deep and lasting bond following a tragic turn in the boy’s life. Garnering numerous awards, the teleplay marked Serling’s successful return to the incisive character dramas that distinguished his early work in television.

Producer: Alan Landsburg, Maurice Rifkin. Screenwriter: Rod Serling. Cast: Peter Ustinov, N’gai Dixon, Peter Bonerz, Anne Collings, John Evans.

Beta SP, color, 90 min.

Preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive

"We Two" (pilot) (1972)

Directed by Carl Reiner

Frustrated over a diminishing degree of control on the "Night Gallery" television series, Serling developed this pilot for CBS based on "A Storm In Summer," with a deli owner taking temporary custody of a ghetto youth, leading to complications when the boy is accused of assault. Serling reportedly balked at network desires to impose a laugh track, and the unsold, unaired pilot has only rarely been seen.

Producer: Herbert Hirschman. Screenwriter: Rod Serling. Cast: Herschel Bernardi, Damon Ketchens, Archie Hahn, Jim Backus, Jeff Corey.

Betacam SP, color, 30 min.