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1. Action!

Arnulf Rainer (1960)
August 17, 2012 - 7:30 pm

The camera's rolling and we’ve boarded a rollercoaster of visual and sound voyages. This opening program combines an excitingly eclectic range of artistic modes and represents both an introduction to what have become the hallmarks of Austrian experimental cinema and the perfect place to begin 10 adventures into cinema and its history. Whether reconstructing found footage, using sophisticated multiple points of view, restaging documentaries or undertaking structural explorations, these techniques all become rhythmic tools for our aural and visual pleasure.

Total running time: 73 min.

Film ist. 1: Movement and Time (2002)

Directed by Gustav Deutsch

16mm, b/w, 15 min. 

Schönberg (1990)

Directed by Gerhard Ertl

16mm, b/w, 3 min. 

Yes? Oui? Ya? (2002)

Directed by Thomas Draschan

16mm, color, 4 min.

Subrosa (2004)

Directed by Karoe Goldt

Digital video, color, 3 min.

Arnulf Rainer (1960)

Directed by Peter Kubelka

35mm, b/w, 6 min.

Die Geburt der Venus (Birth of Venus) (1970-1972)

Directed by Moucle Blackout

35mm, b/w, 5 min. 

Sunset Boulevard (1991)

Directed by Thomas Korschil

16mm, color, silent, 8 min. 

Wisla (1996)

Directed by Josef Dabernig

16mm, b/w, 8 min. 

Body Politics (1974)

Directed by VALIE EXPORT

Digital video, b/w, silent, 3 min. 

Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine (2005)

Directed by Peter Tscherkassky

35mm, b/w, 17 min.

Mirror Mechanics (2005)

Directed by Siegfried A. Fruhauf

35mm, b/w, 7 min.