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New print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.

Magdalena Viraga (1986);
A Soft Warrior (1981)

Magdalena Viraga (1986)
February 24, 2012 - 7:30 pm
Nina Menkes.

Directed by Nina Menkes

Accused of murdering a john, prostitute Ida is hurled into a psychic vortex where incarceration, therapy and religion are employed to reveal her to herself but fall far short of the mark. Only solidarity with her friend Claire offers solace, as the two recite the essential details of the situation of women, to be both used and punished by men, masterfully revealing the film’s radical thesis with arresting candor.

Producer/Cinematographer/Editor: Nina Menkes. Cast: Tinka Menkes, Claire Aguilar, Victor Flores, Paul Schuler, Nora Bendich.

16mm, color, 90 min.

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Restored by Academy Film Archive. Print courtesy of Academy Film Archive.

A Soft Warrior (1981)

Directed by Nina Menkes

One female figure comforts another who is sick or dispirited, assuming a dark aspect and offering whispered words of succor. The film is a beautifully realized ritual of compassion and identification with the suffering of another, and was produced by Nina Menkes when she was a student at UCLA.

Cast: Tinka Menkes, Irene Bowers.

16mm transferred from Super 8mm, color, 11 min.